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               Harvard Square Shiatsu Client Testimonials


"I came to Harvard Square Shiatsu because I'd been experiencing headaches for about two months that were affecting my daily life. After one session with Roger Wood the headaches subsided and I was able to jog and hike again; things I had been unable to enjoy."  - Megan K., Teacher

"I injured my back to the point of immobility after lifting heavy water buckets, Roger worked on me for over an hour and by the next morning I was completely healed. Roger's kindness and skills truly saved my back and I am deeply grateful for the genuine caring and compassion. To this day, I recommend Harvard Square Shiatsu to everyone I know who has back pain. They are truly wonderful."  - Sonya W., Florist

"Shiatsu has changed my day to day life. Frequently I wake up with a stiff neck, though after two session my pain and stiffness has been nearly eliminated. Additionally, my chronic lower back pain has been a lot more manageable! I feel more motivated, limber and ready for life. I plan continue sessions with Roger to stay aligned. Overall I have been feeling great!" Julia K., Canine Rehab Aide


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